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The Way We Work

We provide comprehensive blue roof solutions, dedicated to overseeing every facet of the construction journey.

Design & Consultation

At the heart of our process lies attentive client engagement. We begin by actively listening to our clients, gaining insights into their desires and goals. From there, we craft environmentally-driven, scientifically-informed solutions that are meticulously customized to their specific context and the requirements of the end user

Research & Development

Our journey in research and development has been a continuous evolution, marked by learning from every design endeavour to meet the specific requirements of each project and our clients’ exacting standards. By meticulously assessing each project, our goal is to guide a well-conceived design from its inception to fruition, ultimately transforming it into something extraordinary, sustainable, and entirely one-of-a-kind.

On-Site Safety

Safety is our foremost concern whenever we undertake a project, and this is particularly crucial when working at elevated heights. Our commitment to safety extends across our collaboration with health and safety executives (HSE), architects, building contractors, and property owners to uphold stringent safety standards. All members of our team undergo rigorous training in the latest safety protocols, proper utilization of safety equipment, and adherence to CDM regulations to meet the specific demands of each project.


Our installation teams possess extensive training and expertise in the implementation of various green roof systems. They excel in tackling intricate and demanding construction projects while adhering to stringent installation protocols meticulously crafted to guarantee the ongoing sustainability of each endeavor.

Blue Roof Maintenance

At the conclusion of our blue roof projects, we offer a comprehensive suite of aftercare and maintenance recommendations and solutions to ensure each blue roof flourishes within its environment and remains sustainable for years to come. This may encompass standard upkeep tasks such as pruning, trimming, watering, and weed control, in addition to irrigation and fertilisation as needed.

Blue Roof Assurance

We extend a selection of warranties, with durations of up to 20 years, subject to the arrangement of tailored aftercare packages.

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